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Brave Relationships: A Family & Systemic Constellation Workshop

  • Woombye School of Arts 1-3 Hill Street Woombye, QLD, 4559 Australia (map)
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'Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

We all have a need for love, belonging and connection…

And we are all worthy of love, belonging and connection. Yet, we often find ourselves in relationships where something seems to be in the way of receiving these vital gifts.  

In this Family Constellation Day we will be exploring the conscious and unconscious patterns that get in the way of us experiencing shared love, belonging and connection in our intimate relationships. 

Whether you are currently in a relationship or are looking to be in one, this day will heal wounds, unravel stories, end unhelpful patterns and inspire courage.  Then you can step into the love, belonging and the healthy long term relationship that is here for you or on its way. 

Intentions of this workshop

  • Create a safe space for you and the history you bring.

  • Uncover some of the root causes of the challenges you’re experiencing.

  • Allow your challenges to be seen and heard with loving awareness.

  • Recreate a new vision and story allowing you to end the unhelpful cycles and patterns of the past.

  • Allow your family system to shift in a way that will restore the natural flow of Love.

Out of shared consideration for preparation, venue hire and commitment to your own healing please register ASAP. 

Our day will begin at 8am and end at 4 pm. Morning & Afternoon tea will be provided. Please bring your own lunch, and water as well as socks and layers for changes in temperature. RSVP & Registration is required. Spaces are limited.

Please contact Aubri for questions or concerns.

What happens in constellation workshops? 
A Family Constellation is a lived experiential approach where you are able to become a witness to the healing of your story.  Fellow participants will be asked to stand and represent the different aspects or people of your life, based on your intention and needs. Depending on the issue you’re experiencing, participants may be chosen to represent things such as specific individuals, symptoms, illnesses or situations. A representative is also chosen for you. As these individuals stand in representation, they will be gently guided to tap into relevant information that allows them to reflect what your system needs to have heard and witnessed. As information is shared, acknowledged, and given the resources that were missing, the representation of your system is able to move into a new direction creating order and wholeness so love can flow more freely in your life. 

At first, the accuracy of these maps or constellations may be surprising and almost unbelievable. However,  as we progress through the workshop you will experience the shift within yourself and the entanglements in your life. As it happens here, so this healing will be able to happen in your life , in the way that most serves you.