Aubri helped me unravel and release all the baggage I had stored inside me so I could return to being my own self. She inspired and guided me to find solutions within myself instead of simply coaching me.
— Belinda

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Family & Systemic Constellations

Family Constellations, first created by Bert Helenger, offer deep understanding and healing for the suffering connected with entanglements in our close relationships, our families and our ancestry. They offer a new perspective to heal our stories and allow us to see more clearly the greater whole of the relationships we are connected to. These relationships are connected through our stories, triumphs and losses. There are often mysteries and invisible connections that may be causing disruption in our lives. Constellations give us a way to resolve our entanglements and reveal mysteries, hidden truths, and blessings necessary to restore natural order and let love flow more freely. 

These sessions are designed to address the impact your family of origin has had on you and your life up to this moment. Is there a connection between the challenges you have in your present day life and your family history? Are there unshakable patterns and beliefs that keep blocking you from having the freedom to be who you want to be? Constellations offer a lens into the often invisible connections or entanglements that may be causing disruptions in our lives. They also provide opportunity for resolution, blessings, and Grace to restore natural order and the flow of love. Our personal struggles are often connected to things that we really can’t explain or fully understand. Our life challenges often stem from critical life events that were part of not only our childhood and upbringing, but also that of our parents, grand parents and beyond. Through Constellations we can bring to light what is missing and allow the hidden to be seen, the silenced to be heard, the suffering to be healed and Loved. Constellation work is offered in a supported and respectful way that embraces each person as they are and their unique background and history.

Family & Systemic Constellations can address things such as:

  • Relationships

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Illness

  • Trauma

  • Death

  • Loss

  • Worthiness

  • Success

  • Spirituality

This beautiful Constellation work is offered in a supported and respectful way that embraces each person as they are and their unique background and history.

At first, the accuracy of these maps or constellations may be surprising and almost unbelievable. However,  as we progress through you will experience the shift within yourself and the entanglements in your life. As it happens here, so this healing will be able to happen in your life , in the way that most serves you. 

What Happens in a Constellation?

• A Family Constellation is a lived experiential approach where you are able to become a witness to the healing of your story.Psychotherapist and former Roman Catholic priest Bert Hellinger discovered Family Constellations therapy when living with the Zulu in South Africa, where the modality was used to resolve issues within the tribe.

• A Constellation can be performed by a group or one-to-one, with a facilitator to moderate. It is the facilitator’s job to do most of the talking; participants are simply asked to notice and express the information that arises within them as things unfold.

• The facilitator begins by asking some questions related to the issues that the participant wants to address. Then individuals are chosen to represent the family constellation. Fellow participants will be asked to stand and represent the different aspects or people of your life, based on your intention and needs. Depending on the issue you’re experiencing, participants may be chosen to represent things such as specific individuals, family members, symptoms, illnesses or situations. A representative is also chosen for you. Then the representatives are positioned or asked to find their place (whatever position feels right in relation to each other) within “the field.”

• The field, usually the space contained within the circle of the group or the room where the Constellation is taking place, represents the soul of your unique lineage and system and all the information it contains.

• In a session, actual family members or other individuals participants may be seeking resolution with do not need to be present.This may include family members who have passed, unborn children, past partners, people of influence ect…

• As these individuals stand in representation, they will be gently guided to tap into relevant information that allows them to reflect what your system needs to have heard and witnessed. As information is shared, acknowledged, and given the resources that were missing, the representatives of your system are able to move and position themselves in a new direction creating order and wholeness so love can flow more freely in your life. 

• Burdens and blockages are handed back to whom they belong to or let go of. Perceptions are shifted. Then, Blessing are given and forgiveness, apologies and acceptance may be exchanged via guidance by the facilitator. Empowered and resourced, you step into your emerging future with a new, healed image of your story and a new perspective on life.

To me constellation offer an opening to Grace. Grace heals, it’s is not directed by us. It is not earned, or lost. It’s always here with you, with everyone. It’s not always what we want or think we need, but it takes us towards life, towards truth, towards love. For some, Grace means they heal in a mere moment from pain and illness. For others it means something else, perhaps a healed perspective or a shift in their relationships, or more peace and acceptance. And still for others it may not be clear for a while what Grace brings for them. In these sessions it’s not my job to fix, or direct healing, but instead give you access to Grace. In this I am blessed and grateful to offer the mystery of what is Divinely possible. 

“Aubri. What an incredible gift you have. I’m feeling much lighter and enjoying just allowing my body to process the profound changes I experienced. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  ~Andrea

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Spiritual Direction

It’s deeply personal, its beautiful and sometimes it’s dark and messy. The path we walk to come home to the truth of who we are is powerful, life changing and also requires courage. It also most definitely requires support and direction. Over the past 20 years I’ve walked through a vast spiritual landscape, studied with amazing teachers, journeyed through the darkness of my soul, and found deeper truth, graciousness, gratitude, freedom and love. I offer support to you now, as you walk your own intimate path home. I will open to a space beyond judgment and into the heart of empathy with you. Guided by fierce compassion, we will find the power in being seen with more clarity, being heard with words that ring true to the soul and being supported to take actins that honour our hearts and what we value most. Relationships heal, hearts soften, joy arises in sharing the love that is already here. You are empowered to connect to the life that is here for you and love with freedom and Grace.

I think ‘lost’ or in a ‘fog’ would best explain my state of mind prior to meeting Aubri. She introduced me to a new journey in which I found myself finding peace in a chaotic world, stability in my once rocky emotions, love in all that surrounds me, control from within, and wisdom to know how to achieve what matters most. She lead me to my light, my higher power, to God. Aubri, my teacher once said, ‘It’s all an illusion’. Now, I enthusiastically say to her, ‘It’s time. Let’s jump for joy!’ Thank you Aubri for a lifetime gift! Those who meet her, will not soon forget her. Let Aubri guide you, teach you, and inspire you on your own beautiful journey. You just may find yourself, jumping for joy!
— Stephanie